Cameo Curio Curiosity

One of the main reasons that Apocalypse Bakery exists is through the support and inspiration of Cameo Curio, and its brains/founders/all round lovely people Hannah and Tammy.   They are keen to explore, encourage, and expand creativity in the Edinburgh community, and so have invited lots of different talented to share their work and their knowledge with us at Cameo Curio’s first event at the Sonic Lodge on Sunday the 15th August.  Hannah (who just so happens to be one of my bestest pals – lucky lady that I am) explains what Cameo Curio is all about.

How did it start?

Tammy & I met at work a few months ago, and over dozens of coffee breaks we discovered a shared excitement about the creative communities in Edinburgh and a shared dream of getting more actively involved in supporting these communities.  At the same time, Tammy was talking to her friend, Phil, who was keen to put on some sort of party or event at Sonic Lodge, the music studio he owns.  So we decided to take over his studio for the weekend to put on a pop-up event which would bring different parts of the arts community in Edinburgh into one space, for one day only, to launch our new project, which we’ve called Cameo Curio.

Who is going to be there?


There is so much variety in this event that I truly believe everyone will find something to get curious about – whether it is the gallery art, the dance demonstrations, the workshop with Ferg Handley, the fashion, the music, or whether they just come along to drink coffee and eat cake.

What is the vibe/feel of the day going to be like?

I think it will change throughout the day as different things happen.  I personally would like to see people having fun, exploring, sticking around for a while to have a coffee and relax, having a natter, getting involved.  I hope people will feel inspired by something they see, and inspired people always buzz!

What are you excited about seeing on the day?

Oh! It’s so hard to chose because everything sounds ace.  I’m really looking forward to see the installation piece that Nicola Brooks is putting together with her partner especially for the day – I think it will be a real treat.  And Andy Rutherford and Olivia Errey have been filming a video piece about cyclists in Edinburgh which I’m dying to get a look at.

It will also be my first exposure to capoeira, which is a Brazilian martial art, which I’m excited about.

Why should people come along?

People should come along to Cameo Curio if they are curious about art, music, film, dance, comics, life drawing, ‘zines, fashion or cake… And surely everyone likes at least one of those?

Some of the amazing curios made for the event!

Apocalypse Bakery has been invited to provide cake for the event, and I am really excited and honoured to be part of the fun! I love the welcoming, participative approach that Hannah and Tammy take to creativity and art, their enjoyment of creative process, and frankly, their ability to plan such an awesome event. Because of them, I have been encouraged to venture from kitchen to blog to art event, and to explore my love for baking and apocalypse more.

The plan!

Whilst I am overjoyed at participating, I am also pretty scared about the whole event, and I am madly trying to come up with a baking plan for the day.  This is where you lovely people come in. I have put below a selection of ideas about what I will produce for the day – I am trying to stick with fairly straightforward stuff as this is baking on a scale I have never encountered before. If you are showing at or coming to Cameo Curio, then I would love to hear what on the list sounds good to you. If you aren’t, well your opinion is still welcome, but less valid because you aren’t attending what is clearly going to be the best thing ever, and that makes you a fool.   Who knows, if you are really helpful in commenting, I might make a cake just for you!

Baking options

3 layer cakes

-Pink lady cake -strawberry cake with creamy icing

-Vanilla buttermilk cake with mango curd and swiss-meringue buttercream icing

2 layer cakes

-Victoria sponge with jam and cream

-Chocolate cake with chocolate cream and strawberries

My personal favourites!

Raspberry buttermilk cake (to be made at the event)

Brownie marshmallow melts. (Fudge brownies with homemade marshmallow melted on top)


-Boston cream pie cupcake

-Vanilla cupcake with raspberry icing

-Vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream icing

-Red velvet cupcakes

-Lemon meringue cupcakes

-Gluten free cupcakes

-Vegan cupcakes


-Carrot cake muffins with cream cheese icing

-Banana muffins

-Spicy pumpkin muffins


-Cranberry and Orange


-Baked vanilla and raspberry cheesecake

-Mini cheesecakes


14 comments on “Cameo Curio Curiosity

  1. You can’t possibly expect me to choose between all those delicious choices! But definitely brownies. And a 3 layer cake. Because who needs 2 layers when you can have 3? And cupcakes, just in case of zombies.

  2. Oh my gosh.
    So my favourite is raspberry buttermilk because it reminds me of birthdays.
    And I know that the Boston Cream Pie cupcakes are heavenly because I’ve tasted them.
    Someone on facebook voted for them too, and someone on Twitter would like banana muffins.
    I’m intrigued by the mango curd layer cake…

  3. I am blown away by this, what a beautiful written and lovely blog, thanks so much! But now, the hard, neigh impossible choice of cake…
    i love buttermilk so
    1) Raspberry buttermilk cake
    2) Boston Cream Pie cup cake (i also love custard – homemade straight from the pot even)
    2) Red Velvet cup cake – because I am a southern bell and a waldorf astoria plus mint julep is all an ol gal needs sometimes.

    (ps – Piotr wants Lamingtons…)

    WE LOVE YOU!!!

    (we will even provide tea, just for you, methinks)

  4. Ooooh, did someone say ‘lamingtons’??? Cake of my heart.
    However… from a dull and practical mass baking and ‘fiddly will drive you demented’ point of view, I’d stick to 2-layer cake and while I am a chocolate fiend, I don’t think you can ever go past the classic Victoria sponge with a cup of tea.
    Brownie marshmallow melts – oh, oh, died and gone to heaven :)
    Carrot cake muffins – because it’s important to get your veg. in somewhere…

    Looks a seriously good list of stuff mate – nom, nom, nom. And depending on board date and work stuff, if I can help, shout. x

  5. Well, I could give lamington cupcakes a go…… or at least cupcakes with a chocolate frosting and coconut topping??

    I do agree, the buttermilk cake is amazing….I’m just going to have to work out how to make it on site as it really is best when straight out the oven.

    I also have a little something else in mind for those of you who don’t want to have to choose between chocolate cake and vanilla sponge….but that is currently in the planning process and I don’t want to have to give away too much.

    This is really helpful, as I don’t want the day to be dominated by my personal tastes! Thanks so far and keep ’em coming!

  6. I don’t know what lamingtons are!! I feel cake-niave!

  7. I shall have to come and stay all day if I am going to do justice to this amazing list of goodies. They all sound wonderful and I am sure most of us will want to try out the new and interesting. One or two may be unable to eat so freely and so I would encourage a small amount of gluten free and vegan to make all feel truly welcome. Personally I have heard about your raspberry buttermilk cake and will have to sample that and something else as well no doubt. I’ll probably consume enough calories for a day. Good luck.

  8. Hello Helen, lovely to hear from you and I am excited about seeing you on the day! Yes, I am certainly catering to those who are more careful about what they eat…and it is true that the majority of these cakes are really for special occasions like Cameo Curio rather than daily eats! The biscotti have no butter and very little sugar in them, and still taste really good. I also use the healthier versions of muffin recipes, although you wouldn’t know to taste them!

    Hannah – this is a lamington: http://www.joyofbaking.com/Lamingtons.html

  9. oooh decisions decisions – i think the brownies with marshmallows sound amazing – as do cranberry and orange biscotti, carrot cake muffins with cream cheese and lemon meringue cupcakes. oh and the mini cheesecakes. that’s not really much of a decision, is it? x

  10. Clare! This blog is awesome. And it’s making me hungry sat here at my desk. I think they all sound amazing, but my personal choices would be:

    Raspberry buttermilk cake (to be made at the event)
    Boston cream pie cupcake
    Vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream icing
    Banana muffins

    I love anything that tastes of banana, so you’d always be winning with me if you make banana things! Can you (can one) make banana cheescake? I don’t know if I’ve ever seen it. Or is that just kinda like bannoffee pie? I am so excited about these cakes.

    I’d also love, at some point, to try some (vaguely) healthly cakes that are actually really tasty. I’m not sure Cameo Curio is the place, but just you know, at some point in your (blogging) life. I believe that with your magical cake baking powers, this could be possible…

  11. Awww, thanks Cowie, I’m feeling the love!

    Note take on the bananas for next time I need to talk you into something.

    I actually have a recipe that I want to try out that uses butternut squash instead of butter, and is incredibly low-fat super-healthy cake. Although it doesn’t sound amazing, I have heard really good reviews about it. Once Cameo Curio is over, you should come over and test them out. Chief-healthy-cake-tester Cowie? How does that sound for a title?!

  12. Definitely the brownies!!! Brownies are my favourite and anything involving marshmallows is top dog in my opinion so definitely make them (and keep me one cos I might not get there till quite late…bloody work!) And my second choice would be the spicy pumpkin muffins if I was on a day that I was trying to be healthy(er), there’s not too many of those days but they come round every now and then. It all sounds amazing though :)

    See you next Sunday :)

  13. I will make sure to set aside a brownie marshmallow melt just for you Ruth. Looking forward to seeing you then!

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