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Last few days

Well, it’s been a mad few days.

My plan for Cameo Curio.

After a few nights of intense dreaming, I realised that my brain was so overactive because the baking-apocalypse equilibrium was severely out of balance.  In other words, I was totally unprepared for Cameo Curio on Sunday. So, there was only one thing for it – putting on my old jeans, cranking up some sweet soul music and baking my little heart out.

Yesterday saw my first foray into baking with gluten free flour – a triumph – soon followed by my second – a categorical failure. I made my first red velvet cake, but I’m not sure what to call it as it isn’t red. I used 18 eggs, 2 kg of flour, 1 ½ kg sugar, 3 bananas, lots of cocoa, and slightly too much pureed beetroot in the space of 10 hours. Today I am trying to bake my way through biscotti, mango curd, marshmallows and some more gluten free attempts, and gearing up for a mammoth day of cupcake baking tomorrow. I am exhausted, and wondering why on earth I thought I could do this.

I did, however, receive a text from a friend thanking me for ‘keeping the apocalypse at bay’, which makes things better.

So, apologies for the lack of recipes, but here are some photos of life in the Apocalypse Bakery from the past few days.   If any of you are truly in need of impending-doom related baking advice, then go with pancakes – that tends to sort most things out in an emergency. I will try to get another recipe up tomorrow, but I may still be working out my issues with chocolate beetroot cake, or stuck in a stringy mess of mallow.

Red (?) velvet cake mix

My freezer is full

Chocolate beetroot slice. Sort of.


Beetroot stains and chocolate cupcakes


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