Cameo Curio Contentment

Yesterday was one of the best days. Well done to Hannah and Tammy to organising and creating such an incredible event. It was an amazing environment to be part of, thank you so much!

And thanks to all the lovely beautiful people who came along, especially those who were enthusiastic about cake! I did not know that mango layer cake could have such an effect on people, nor that brownie marshmallow melts could elicit such a joyful response!

Thanks a huge amount to F. for being in charge of the blowtorch and the money, and mostly for putting up with me for the day!  Together we endured the sadness of the death of a chocolate velvet cake (the icing slid off!) and the fun of toasting marshmallows & cupcakes.

Watch this space for photos of the event, but for now, how was it for you guys?


9 comments on “Cameo Curio Contentment

  1. Gutted I didn’t make it: the apocalypse hit my backyard in the form of mass spider breakout and killer zombie ivy… gah. Glad it went well and looking forward to the pics! Now have a rest…

  2. The baking was fantastic, the flame-grilling of marshmallows doubly so.

  3. I had:
    mango curd layer cake – omg – heavenly, did the job of lunch perfectly.
    I also had:
    I tried some of your Dad’s lemon merangue cupcake
    I had an apricot squash cake
    and a chocolate brownie.
    All really great.
    I had one of the best days ever too, a large part of that joy came from the Apoc Bakery, thanks v much C & F!!!

  4. Amazing day and amazing cake. I wish I could have tried more, but I might have been sick. I can’t believe you are making my birthday cake, I am so excited. Still need to think of what I want! Do you have many banana type creations?

    • I am excited too! I have a couple of options on offer. I was thinking I could make a 3 layer birthday cake and then either a batch of cupcakes/cookies/brownies/traybake too. How does that sound? Send me an email, or drop round for a cuppa and we can work the details out. I may even be able to give you samples in advance!

  5. Amazing amazing cakery – the best pop-up bakery i ever did see. I particularly enjoyed the lemon meringue cupcake, the marshmallow melt brownie and seeing the jaw-dropping joy on people’s faces as i hung around the cake stall all day. I have photos which I will send to you as soon as is possible! well done x

  6. Cameo Curio on Sunday past was a wonderful successful event and Clare’s baking was great. it looked good and it tasted so good. Well done, Clare.

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