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Playing Catch Up Part 1: Vanilla Cupcake Trials

It’s the first of September – how did that happen? As I am now encountering that permanently-fighting-off-the-flu state of health, I think this means that the season has officially changed. Anyway, I promised you all a few things, and as it is the first of the month, I thought I should probably play catch up and actually post about them.

The vanilla cupcake challenge was, all in all, a little underwhelming as my recipe hunches were confirmed. I still don’t like the hummingbird bakery cupcakes – the first batch I made went horribly wrong and ended up in the bin, which is the first time for me that any baking has been beyond rescue. The second attempt worked ok, but still just a bit fussy and needy for something that doesn’t taste amazing. The recipe from Ming Makes Cupcakes turned out all right, but her method makes me feel a bit nervous, and they tend to be very time-sensitive and not so forgiving. Which means that we had two winners!

-The Amy Sedaris Cupcake is best for filling and icing, so for a Boston Cream Pie cupcake or Lemon meringue pie cupcake. However, it isn’t as good when just iced or on its own. Definitely the best for texture.  Recipe is here.

The Zombie Proof Cupcake

-The zombie-proof cupcake is best for with icing, a sprinkling of icing sugar, or just plain. But, don’t try to fill them, you haven’t a chance. They are definitely the best for taste. The texture is also good, but denser and won’t rise as much so you won’t get the nice wee domed top. Recipe is here.

However, since then I have discovered the most amazing yellow cake recipe – and I am just waiting for an excuse to try it out as cupcakes…there may be a late-entry upset winner yet!

In other news, the mango cake is now in full production. Which means that my glasses are permanently covered in mango curd splatter.


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