Bassoon Cake

Today is N’s birthday. N is a lovely wonderful person who I secretly hope will be living on our sofa for more than a weekend. N also happens to be incredibly talented, the kind of talented where he doesn’t even show off about it, so I won’t embarrass him by going into the long, long list of things that he is good at. Instead it will suffice to say that he is very good at playing the bassoon, and more than a little bit good at being a friend. Hence the bassoon cake for his birthday.

It is made with bomb-shelter brownie, chocolate icing, vanilla buttercream and chocolate buttons. Oh, and a strawberry lace for the crook.

I know it isn’t the exact representation of a bassoon, but there was a point at which I had to decide for the ‘idea’ of a bassoon, rather than trying to go for something that was slightly beyond my talents. And seeing as the intended recipient walked in the room and exclaimed ‘IT’S A BASSOON CAKE!’, I think I did ok.


5 comments on “Bassoon Cake

  1. You did awesomely, thank you so much! The best birthday cake I’ve ever had.


  2. Awesome. I’m so jealous! That’s it. I’m starting a campaign. I want a flute for my 21st!

  3. That looks so awesome!

    I’m a teeny bit jealous now. But in a good way :)

  4. I really wished I had a friend who did that for me.

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