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Mid-week pick up: Clouds, songs, and Gaiman

Gah, I promised myself I’d have a productive week….and it hasn’t happened! I’ve banned myself from baking until I get a respectable amount done, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking about baking, right?!

Anyway…some things to cheer that midweek lull.

Making clouds look beautiful…plus a gorgeously presented recipe from forty-sixth at grace.

A great song from Paolo and the Vipers…I’m loving the old guy in the back. Just good fun, eh?

These pictures from Neil Gaiman’s journal of him on the set of Doctor Who….the first one gives me the creeps, because I am a big woose when it comes to the angels…don’t blink, Neil!

And the one of Neil and Terry toasting ‘something unexplained‘….although their meeting was for ‘Mysterious Reasons That We Are Not Announcing Yet’, I am still starting some kind of non-linear countdown to said mysterious event, as I am bubbling with excitement as to the prospects of the mysterious,  and as yet unexplainable.  Don’t you just love the sneeky looks on their faces? Following on from their non-announcement photo, I will have a Pratchett-Gaiman related post appearing in the next couple of weeks…it is currently in the planning process. What, they can be mysterious and I can’t?! 

Have a lovely day!


One comment on “Mid-week pick up: Clouds, songs, and Gaiman

  1. hey I love it love it!
    Great blog, let’s get productive together, i am also struggling.

    And i am a HUGE Gaiman fan, seen him speak a couple of times, and totally ran into him on the bridges this year.
    good work, those clouds are beautifull huh?


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