Sunday’s Your Way: Passion Fruit Ginger Cheesecake


This recipe is for A., who has been a great supporter of this blog right from the start, and I really owe A. for all the great encouragement and love that has been sent my way.  A. has been endlessly requesting recipes and sending in suggestions, all of which have been brilliant, but also have that I’ll-get-round-to-it-someday quality to them. Anyway, A. mentioned that he would love a cheesecake recipe to appear here, especially a ginger cheesecake, so I have been working on that for the past couple of weeks.

I tried out the white chocolate and ginger cheesecake ( à la wagamamas – or so I am informed, I have never tried it). Although everyone loved it, I was disappointed at the need to put a ridiculous amount of good quality white chocolate in to get anywhere near the hint of white chocolate I was after.

So, after browsing around cheesecake recipes for a while, I decided to get into the spirit of invention and just make up my own, and make up a recipe for passion fruit and ginger cheesecake.

This is the first time I have every properly made up a recipe from scratch, rather than working with a recipe and adapting it to my needs. Yes, it probably could be better, but I am seriously chuffed with myself for even trying.  And for writing down what I was doing as I was doing it, which is my usual problem in adapting recipes.

So…not to boast, but this cheesecake was awesome. The taste combination works beautifully, the sharp, fruity tang of passion fruit is complimented by the warm buzz of the ginger.  As the ginger was freshly grated, some mouthfuls are more ginger-full than others, but it does infuse well, and it never feels like an aggressive presence, but rather sits very well with the other flavours. I love passion fruit, and it is perfect baked in here, even the seeds add that slight crunch to the silky smooth texture.  The texture is also the best I’ve ever made – some cheesecakes are deeply decadent, but this is of definitely the light, smooth, creamy variety.

A. I hope you try making this, or if not, that you will get on a train to sample this soon. Thanks for all the support.

If you would like a recipe to be featured on Sundays Your Way, please get in touch! I can even make something up for you!

apoc bakery cheesecake

Apocalypse Bakery Passion Fruit and Ginger Cheesecake


In case I hadn’t mentioned enough – I made this up! Woo go me! I am almost certain that with a few tweeks and trims it could be better, but it is already too good to keep to myself! Please, feel free to adapt, and please, please, get in touch with me if you try it out or make any improvements. It is also very tasty with fresh fruit.

For the base:

200g gingernut biscuits (or digestives if you prefer)

60g butter

For the filling:

500g cream cheese

120g crème fraiche

100g sugar

4 passionfruit

1 egg and 1 yolk

5g fresh ginger, finely grated/chopped (give or take depending on how much of a kick you like)


1)   Preheat oven to 180C, 350F, 160C fan.

2)   Destroy the gingernut biscuits to crumbs! Largely because it is quicker, I tend to do them with the mini food processor attachment on my handheld blender (oooh, get me, I know), but if I’m after a rougher base, or have simply had a bad day, then a wooden spoon, or a pestle is the way forward. APOCALYPSE BAKER SMASH!

3)   Melt the butter in a pan on the hob, or – frankly –  in the microwave. Using a wooden spoon, mix the melted butter with the gingernut crumbs. Press into the bottom of a cake pan.

4)   Bake the cheesecake base for 5 minutes, then remove from oven and let cool.

5)   In a large bowl, beat together cream cheese, crème fraiche, sugar, egg and yolk. Beat well so that all lumps of cream cheese are well blended and the mixture is smooth.

6)   Cut the passionfruit in half and scoop out the pulp and seeds into the cream cheese mix. By all means, sieve out the seeds, but I like them in there. Add the very finely grated/chopped fresh ginger. Mix well. Pour into cake pan on top of biscuit base.

7) Place cheesecake pan into a water bath. For me, this means wrapping the cake pan in tin foil very well to prevent leaking, and then placing it in a large oven proof pan – which happens to be the bottom of my grill with the wire bit removed, as it is the only thing big enough. (There needs to be at least an inch round the side of the cake pan, so the water can circulate). The outer pan is then filled with hot water, to halfway up the side of the inner pan, and the whole thing is placed in the oven.

8)   Bake for 40 minutes. The best way to tell if a cheesecake is ready is to jiggle it a bit. If the centre ripples, then it is undercooked; if it wobbles a little, it is ready, and if it is firm then it is overcooked. Having said this, I almost always miss that moment of just ready.

9) Once removed from oven, let cool. Once it is cool enough for you to be sure that you aren’t going to cause a defrosting disaster, place in fridge. I’d recommend leaving it overnight, if you can, because this definitely improves it. Or, just be content in the knowledge that leftovers the day after will be better.


7 comments on “Sunday’s Your Way: Passion Fruit Ginger Cheesecake

  1. If I’m ever up your way, you have *got* to make me one of these please!

  2. I, too, sometimes worry. If I had a time machine and visited our estranged (and slightly extinct) Neanderthal cousins for tea one Sunday, I might be tempted to parade in front of them triumphantly displaying all the feats of modern civilisation – my iPhone, my laptop, my camera…

    … at the end of the day they would be in awe, and have elevated me to the position of deity. By the next morning I would still have not found a socket, and the batteries in all my gadgets would have died. Possessing no more knowledge than a Neanderthal about how any of them work, or indeed how to build an electrical generator from scratch with my bare hands, I would rapidly succumb to democracy and have to resign from deity to some lesser species.

    In the event of an apocalypse, none of us really have a clue how to make anything from scratch any more. Humanity’s last distinguishing feature from the sadly-departed Neanderthals will be passion-fruit ginger cheesecake. There is hope yet.

    • I’m delighted that you think this cheesecake is the (non-electrical, apocalypse-surviving) crowning achievement of our civilisation. They should have nobel prizes for just such a category.

      B, have you ever considered that a really really long – and possible inter-dimensional – extension cable brought through the time machine might do the trick and keep the revolution at bay. Failing that, I suggest clockwork.

  3. Super impressed about the from-scratch-cheesecake. I think those of us who bake/cook regularly would be ok. I know I cook almost nothing with a recipe, but I bake with a recipe a lot since I only do it occasionally these past several years.
    You are awesome! Craving ginger (and cheesecake) in a big way now.

  4. I shall indeed try (operative term) to make this. Hopefully next week since i shall have the kitchen to myself :oD

  5. Brother. Your words ring so true! What a triumph this is, verily.

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