Getting my attention, web comic style…

Now this is definitely the most creative way to get a recipe recommendation on to the site….


If you don’t read City of Lost Souls…then you really should. The lovely Tammy has challenged me to make some tasty treats (specifically the Lotus Pao’s shown in the drawing) via the medium of an online webcomic…now that is a stylish way to get my attention. The full version of the strip is here.

If anyone has any tips on the making of Lotus Pao, that would be greatly appreciated. Or any tips on dressing up as Panda Su in order to make them.

Have a happy monday!

*image by Tammy of City of Lost Souls…incase you hadn’t twigged that already!


6 comments on “Getting my attention, web comic style…

  1. YAY!!!

    you are as sweet as pie (of doom)

    t xxx

  2. I definitely read that: “I smell lotus poo!” and immediately had two early morning thoughts. a) do flowers poo? Is the girl’s name Lotus? Do pandas eat poo?” b) “That IS a great way to get attention!”

  3. May I introduce Lee Mey to your blog? She’s from Singapore. I’ve taught her to make oatmeal and raisin –and shegot her Cantonese granny to cook us supper. So she might give you her granny’s recipe for Lotus Pau in return for intro to blog…

  4. Hurray for Lee Mey–brought us some mooncakes with lotus filling and even the wooden moulds to make them. She says it is pronounce Bow and is a kind of bread…

  5. Lee Mey says they are better without the lotus paste–we found a recipe http://happyflour.blogspot.com/2010/04/lotus-paste-pao.html

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