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Sundays Your Way: Guest Post

Apocalypse Bakery is pleased to announce that this week’s ‘Sundays Your Way’ also happens to be the very first guest post on the blog, courtesy of the lovely Mr Neill, aka the Kitchen Menace.  He is a self-confessed foodie, but is very much a beginner when it comes to baking, and has started baking due to this blog…no, not because it’s inspiring, but because it makes him hungry!

And so, Apocalypse Bakery presents the Kitchen Menace in his first (Han) Solo baking attempt….the Raspberry and Amaretti Crunch Cake.

Mr Neill also phoned me this morning to share with me the secret to successful baking: ‘write the list before you go to the shops. It helps to prevent you looking like a total moron when aimlessly wondering around the supermarket and then forgetting an ingredient that is in the title of the thing you are trying to bake.’

Too true.

Thank goodness he persevered and went back to the shops, otherwise we would be left with the Raspberry and Missing Ingredient Crunch Cake. Which probably wouldn’t be that crunchy eh? But, anyway, here is Mr Neill’s in his own words, and his recipe:

I had grand plans, despite my inexperience in baking, to try a very complicated recipe involving pastry, plums and panache. Sadly it transpired that this recipe was not to hand,  so I was forced to find another. While combing the cook-book shelf I came across this one. It immediately appealed with its sweet, almond flavoured sponge contrasted by the tartness of late season raspberries. A similar contrast to those used by this very site in what are, in personal experience, excellent tasting recipes.

Another thing that appealed was the ‘easy’ classification at the top of the recipe. True to its word even I as a total novice found all the steps more than manageable. The only difficulty was not eating all the raspberries and biscuits before they made it into the cake.

When it was finally ready it was still very soft in the middle but the skewer came out clean so it was definitely cooked. The outside was browned but not particularly crisp aside from the amaretti biscuits scattered over the top. The texture of the centre was of a very moist sponge almost a little like marzipan due to the ground almonds.

I thought it tasted very good and the aforementioned taste contrast worked a treat. All in all a good result for relatively little effort I felt.


Raspberry Amaretti Crunch Cake

Recipe from here. The good old beeb.


175g butter, at room temperature

175g golden caster sugar

3 eggs

140g self raising flour

85g ground almonds

140g amaretti biscuits

250g raspberries


1)   Pre-heat oven to 160C/ 140 fan.

2)   Butter and line the bottom of a cake tin with baking paper. The recipe recommends a 20cm tin, but I used a 18cm tin, and it worked fine, but it took a long time to bake. The tin also needs to be tall.

3)   Using an electric whisk, mix together butter, sugar, eggs, flour and ground almonds in a large bowl. As a beginner, I didn’t realise that it was a complete mistake to put the whisk on high with the unmixed ingredients…flour….everywhere. Beat until the ingredients are well blended.

4)   In a separate bowl, smash up the amaretti biscuits a little bit. Not to crumbs, but just to break them up a little, I’d recommend them being broken up into quarters/sixths, as too much smaller doesn’t really work.

5)   Spread half the cake batter into the cake tin. Scatter over half the amaretti biscuits, and a third of the raspberries. Press these very lightly into the cake batter. I‘d recommend chopping the raspberries in half, as it would be good to spread the tartness of the raspberries a little.

6)   Dollop spoonfuls of the remaining cake batter over the top, and spread it around a bit. Scatter the remaining amaretti and half the remaining raspberries over the top.

7)   Bake. Here the recipe said 55-60 minutes, but I ended up cooking it for a lot longer. Possibly around 100 minutes.  You are looking for a cake tester inserted in the centre of the cake to come out clean.

8)   Allow the cake to cool for 15 minutes in the tin before removing.

9)   Dust with icing sugar and serve with cream and the remaining raspberries.


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  1. mmm this looks lovely. may have to try it out!

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