Apricot and Almond Mistakes

These are meant to be made with sugar. 220 grams of sugar, to be precise. Do you know how much sugar I managed to put in? Exactly zero grams.

I could claim that this one was because I was baking before 9am, or because the internet was playing up so I couldn’t read the recipe properly. I could claim that it was out of an instinctive sense of experimentation and creativity, that I was trying to come up with something new and interesting.I could claim that because there is honey in them, I wanted to see if they would be sweet enough without any sugar. I could even claim that I was imagining a post-apocalyptic world in which refined sugar didn’t exist, and wanted to be prepared for that eventuality.

None of these are true.

The truth is that I’m daft and I make mistakes. Often.

However, I think this particular sugar-free mistake might have been a blessing in disguise. Sure, they didn’t turn out as intended, like these beautiful ones in the recipe. And they weren’t really cookies, but more something along the lines of a cereal bar. But, they were still tasty, sugar free and were truly excellent with plain yogurt. Plus, I’m now working on the recipe to produce the exact kind of oatmeal almond apricot bar that I would like. Mistakes can make for excellent creativity and experimentation.

Any one else discovered a good recipe alteration through a mistake?


2 comments on “Apricot and Almond Mistakes

  1. Yes! The ‘soda’ bread recipe I gave you, which called for bicarbonate of soda, but I didn’t have any. I switched it for baking powder, thinking that baking powder has soda in it anyway and got a fluffy white loaf with no yeast or kneading.

    These look lovely!

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