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Sundays Your Way: Leftovers, or Ganache Panache

I was asked by a friend a while ago about what to do with leftover icing and filling from making cakes, and she requested that the next time I had leftovers, I post about what to do with them.

I’m getting better at judging quantities of icing for cake, so today was the first time I have had non-freezable cake leftovers in a while. Yesterday I made a four layer cake for the first time and, given the size of the cake, I was a tad worried about not having enough icing, so I slightly overestimated how much chocolate ganache I would need. Now I know that for some people there is no such thing as overestimating chocolate ganache, and that the answer to ‘what do you do with leftovers’ is as simple as ‘a spoon’. However, I over estimated to the tune of a pint of ganache, and that might just be pushing it.

Plus, today was a special birthday (ganache was from yesterday’s cake) and so the answer presented itself fairly clearly in the form of chocolate truffles.

I have to be clear here – this is not a recipe for chocolate truffles, as there are recipes that will give you a better quality of chocolate truffle. This is purely about using leftover ganache in a creative way. Though, not the only way – chocolate crêpes, chocolate croissant, and even hot chocolate would be marvelous options too. (Yes, there are many great reasons to overestimate when making ganache). If you are looking for a good ganache recipe to start with, this one from the chocolate birthday cake is great, and was the one that I was working with.

Recipe – of sorts

1) Make sure the ganache is a good consistency, not to cold and firm, otherwise it will be difficult to shape them, but also not too sticky.

2) Scoop out a teaspoon of ganache and roll it in the palms of your hands to shape it into a ball. Or thereabouts. Yes, your hands will get sticky. Even if you try dusting them in cocoa powder. They just will. Deal with it and move on.

3) Roll in ball of chocolate in your desired coating – I went for cocoa, coconut, ground almond and ginger, purely because these were things that were to hand. You can also add a few drops of rum or whisky to the chocolate mix for flavoring.

4) Place truffles in fridge to set.

5) Enjoy.


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