May is the Month of Marks!

The lovely people over at Cameo Curio have launched ‘Month of Marks’ – a month long creativity challenge over the month of May. They’ve launched a website and everything.  The basic idea is to encourage repeated use of your creative muscles and give yourself space and time over May to be creative – for example setting aside 40 minutes everyday for creative time to play, developing certain skills, starting a blog, keeping a photo log or journal of your work, or even just giving yourself more freedom and permission to give it a go.

The great thing about what Cameo Curio are doing with a month is that this is not just an artsy thing for self-confessed creative types, but that it provides ideas and support for people who tend to shyly back away from identifying themselves as having any creative talent.   Month of Marks is genuinely for everyone and anyone who is interested in creativity and wants to explore more on actually what on earth ‘creativity’ means. It is just as much about playing and having fun as about developing skills and practices for moving forward as an artist.  This is what I love so much about what Hannah and Tammy from Cameo Curio are about – they are generous with their own (pretty spectacular) artistic abilities in ways that encourage and inspire others to participate in creative activities. I consider that to be an amazing talent.

So why on earth is this bakery blog writing about Cameo Curio and creativity?

Well, for one Hannah and Tammy are wonderful people and they deserve lots of love being thrown their way.

Also, Apocalypse Bakery is pretty indebted to these guys for, well, existing after they asked me to participate in their launch event last August. Hannah encouraged me to think that baking could be about more than just pottering about in the kitchen and that it might be about ways of creative self-expression through both taste and visuals, and that what I really love about baking is the process, not necessarily the end result.  Plus, people really like cake, so it is a good thing to share the love!  Being involved with Cameo Curio encouraged me to think about a name, about working in nutty dreams and kooky ideas, but more than anything to think about challenging myself and developing time and space to do the things I love and not feel that I have to apologise for it. Part of that challenge was starting this blog, and now that it has been up and running for a while, Month of Marks seems like a brilliant opportunity to take more time to experiment and play in the baking-blogging department. I’ve had loads of ideas running round my head for ages that I haven’t quite got round to, so I’ve set myself some goals to make those things happen this month. Stay tuned to see what May brings!

And, most importantly, get yourself over to the Month of Marks blog and get involved – whether your thing is writing, drawing, painting, sewing, sculpting, acting, photographing, dancing, designing, singing, knitting, playing an instrument, or indeed baking…just give it a go and have some fun.

*all photos are of the Cameo Curio launch event, courtesy of the lovely David Anderson of dnanderson photography. 


3 comments on “May is the Month of Marks!

  1. Superb.

  2. I thought this was such an excellent post – it is so interesting to think of baking as a creative outlet and a passion rather than “just food” – we already see other forms of cooking that way, so why not baking? I must confess that yours is the only baking blog I read and I am a truly terrible baker – I just like the way you write. (Oh, and the food porn. I like that too.) Can’t wait to see where you take this next.

    Oh and I have signed up for updates from the Month of Marks blog, it’s an awesome idea – thanks for the link!

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