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Guilty Inspiration


Can’t stand them.

Secretly love them.

Maybe it’s because they are so annoyingly on trend and I end up being put off fashionable food. Maybe it’s because so much that is written about them gives off that air of perfection, complication and demanding your devout attention and how incapable you will be of achieving anything close to the perfect macaron. Maybe I just think that they aren’t apocalypse-proof.

But, I can’t help how I feel when I look at some of these pictures. And secretly, I’ve been meaning to make some for two years.

*picture from Parisien Salon

I finally got round to it the other day – I had three egg whites left from other baking, and an evening to myself, when no-one else I would even know I was even thinking about macarons.

*picture from Cannelle et Vanille

I kept saying to myself that I wasn’t really making macarons, I was just seeing what it was like. Even when the egg whites were so beautifully whisked, and the ground almonds folded in….no, no, still not macarons. Even when I was slamming the baking tray against the counter to help them form properly….no, still not macarons. Even when they came out of the oven, smelling divine, smooth topped, complete with feet….nope, not macarons. Even when feeding them to friends…umm, they are…umm…meringue cookies???! Anyway, I only made the shells…as much as I have mastered the art of self-deception, going the whole hog probably would have given the game away.

Still can’t quite bring myself to post my own pictures of them.

Anyone else have love-hate relationship with inspiration? Or perhaps an artistic guilty pleasure?

*pictures from Une-deux senses


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