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Breakfast Ramblings

Breakfast is apparently the most important meal of the day, but I’d rarely consider it a treat. That is unless your girls are coming over for a lazy breakfast and a natter. I always find it funny that the people in your life that you know that you don’t need to impress are precisely the ones that you want to make a bit more effort for, that you want to get up early to make pancakes for.

Chat over breakfast is always good too…more open, more honest…catch me early enough in the morning and I’ll tell you all my secrets.

H. ended up reeling out all her pearls of wisdom – as per usual – about creativity. Two particular things she said stuck in my head:

-Creativity is as much about reception as it is about production, as in seeking out and enjoying receiving inspiration as it is about producing a piece of work.

-It is very easy to get so caught up with trying to be creative in the one particular skill or talent that you think that you have, rather than seeing creativity as being in all or many parts of life, and being lived out in small ways.

I guess a lot of the conversation surrounding Month of Marks has been about finding ways of defining creativity, and there have been a couple of excellent posts over on the Month of Marks blog about it. What I’ve taken the most from them is the inclusive outlook on what creativity is, about the whole of life, about the meeting of routine and practice with inspiration and wonder.

Which is useful for when I’m met with that crushing question of is what I do really that creative? The short answer, for now, is this: HECK YES.


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