Creative Crush: The Makers

The Makers Project by Jennifer Causey is a complete creative crush for me, it never fails to intrigue and inspire. It focuses on capturing shots of the creative energy and spirit in Brooklyn, and features all sorts of creative types from ceramicits, printers and jewellers to mixologists, chocolate makers and bakers. The foodie ones are, of course, my favourite.

*Robicelli’s, bakers

Some of my favourite series of photos are the ones that show the use of massive pieces of equipment behind the scenes alongside the hand-crafted attention to detail. I also love how different the making process is seen to be in each series – for some it is frenetic, for some it is quiet and focused, for others it is a process that includes laughter and conversation and community meals. The best thing is how at home people look in each of their kitchens or studios and how important place and belonging is to their creative process.

*Blue Bottle, coffee connoisseurs.

For me, Jennifer has really captured the beauty in these kinds of creative endeavours, because of her attention to the captivating moments that happen in the process of making.

*Morris Kitchen, mixologists. 

The interviews at the end are great – showing that all kinds of people get to do their passion for a living, as well as the real strains and difficulties of that pursuit. There are also some great beards in the series.

*Mast Brothers, chocolate makers


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  1. this is fantastic!

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