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Foodie Gifts No. 3: Light and Dark Rocky Road

Today was the first time that I have made rocky road in years. I don’t know why I have spurned it for so long, especially given the possibilities for creative variation. I came across this gorgeous white chocolate, strawberry and cranberry rocky road and knew that it had to be made as an easy but utterly rewarding Christmas foodie gift. The other rocky road is the standard, classic version with cherries, digestives and marshmallows.

Pros: so easy to make, great for kid’s baking, possibilities for variation

Cons: little bit hard to cut up neatly and I struggled to fit them into a presentation bag – most of them have ended up in freezer bags!


Really, there isn’t much need for a recipe – I use 800g of chocolate and melt it in a bowl over a pan of boiling water. Once it is melted, add in as much of whatever as you think will go.

For the white chocolate, I added 1 cup dried strawberries, 1 cup of dried cranberries and 1 cup of marshmallows.

For the milk chocolate, I added 1 cup of glace cherries, 1 cup of marshmallows and 1 cup of crushed up digestive biscuits.

When everything is mixed in and well coated in chocolate, pour into a foil lined 20cm square tin and leave to set.


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