Leftovers pie: Turkey, cranberry and stuffing pies

This may come a bit too late to be really all that useful as a leftovers plan for your Christmas dinner. If that is the case, I’d say it’s worth going out and buying more just to make these pies. I first made them back in the summer, as they are really billed as a picnic type pie, and made one with layers of ham, sausagemeat with apple and mustard, and another with layers of chicken, sausagemeat and tomato chutney. But, since the first bite back in the summer, I have been waiting for the chance to make a version with turkey and cranberry sauce.

If you are planning on making this with leftovers, say for Boxing Day, I’d make it on the evening of Christmas Day as they should be eaten cold. And when I say should, I mean, don’t even think about trying it warm, it’s just not really worth it. But cold…cold it is so delicious and flavourful that I cannot really do it justice. Layering the pie with cranberry sauce means that the flavours are well infused and keeps the meat nice and moist. I also love that there is space for plenty of variation with this pie and I plan on trying it out with my favourite forms of chutney (currently beetroot and apple). It’s a cinch to make so is very manageable even at the end of a stressful Christmas day, especially if you use premade puff pastry.

It’s best made as a large pie in a cake tin, but it also works well as mini pies made in dariole moulds, depending on how much you have leftover. They are delicious with a lemon basil potato salad and a crunchy green salad.



1 pack puff pastry

500g sausagemeat

several slices of cold ham, cold turkey or cold chicken

1 onion

1 apple

Mustard, cranberry sauce or another form of chutney

1 egg, beaten

1)   Preheat oven to 170C or 150C fan.

2)   Cut the puff pastry into one three quarter section and one one quarter section. Roll out the one quarter section so that it is large enough to make a lid for the pie – use the base of the cake tin to measure it out and cut round the base with a sharp knife. Roll out the rest of the pastry and line the cake tin with it.

3)   Place the sausagemeat into a bowl. Grate in the apple and the onion into the bowl and mix in a teaspoon of mustard. Add in any other herbs or spices you wish to.

4)   Spoon a third of the sausagemeat into the bottom of the pie and spread evenly across the base. Then cover the layer of sausagemeat with a layer of cold meat and then cover with chutney or cranberry sauce. Repeat with two more layers until the pie is full. Leave about an inch of pastry at the top.

5)   Place the lid on the top, bring the sides of the pastry onto the top of the lid and seal the edges well. Make a small hole in the middle of the pie lid for steam. Brush the top with a beaten egg to glaze.

6)   Bake for an hour in the oven, until the pie is baked through – you can check by inserting a metal skewer through the steam hole in the top of the pie. Leave to cool overnight before eating.


2 comments on “Leftovers pie: Turkey, cranberry and stuffing pies

  1. As someone who has sampled Apocalypse Bakery pies before i can attest to them being Definitively Great. If it was my call i might skip Christmas dinner all together and just use the whole turkey for making more of these delicious pies. Truly amazing!!!!!

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