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Gingerbread Feminists is GO!

Today I’m finally able to make that little announcement that I mentioned in my creative resolutions post, and I’m very excited  for getting to work on a project that will hopefully help me get to grips with writing more about the things that I care about.

So, I’m proud to announce the launch of Gingerbread Feminists – a communal blog, conversing about an eccentric array of topics and interests.

We have no central theme or issue that we are covering, although we are all committed to gender issues whether we call ourselves feminists or not. What ties the blog together is not a sense of unanimity, but two central commitments:

-The first is to conversation. Open and diverse conversation, where people are sure as anything going to disagree with you, but hopefully they will do it politely.

-The second is to the whole person. People are complex and confusing and contrary; there is no single image of what it is to be a ‘feminist’ or ‘not a feminist’.

I’m excited about Gingerbread Feminists mostly because, like any good conversation, I have no idea where it will go, what topics it will cover or how long it will last. I’m essentially ‘curating’ the blog and writing for it too, but there’s lots of other people involved, and that community will be where all the good stuff like diversity and polite disagreement will be coming from!

Anyway, that’s enough from me. You should head on over to the blog and read the post on resolutions by Frances, which felt like a pretty good way to start off a new project.


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