Talented Friends: The International Amateur Drawing Brigade


You should head on over to The International Amateur Drawing Brigade and check out some of Ruth’s adorable drawings. I’m a big fan of her illustrative style, as well as of the wonderful gal herself. (She’s an annoyingly good photographer too!)

I’m rather fond of this transatlantic guide to the cookie-biscuit spectrum, which is especially helpful when you’ve been surfing baking blogs and trying to figure out what it is that you are already halfway through making!


I also love this sketch of things that she would liked to have googled during her week’s internet fast – not only because I’m now wondering about the unicorn-rhino link, but I’m also wondering how that came to be a pertinent question in Ruth’s life….??!

Looking forward to lots more from The Drawing Brigade!


2 comments on “Talented Friends: The International Amateur Drawing Brigade

  1. Thanks Clare! You just reminded me to finally look up the unicorn / rhino theory. I picked it up somewhere a few years ago and often refer to it in conversations to illustrate the fact that our imaginations can often be a lot more idealistic than reality! But then I wondered if it was true. The omniscient wikipedia suggests there is some basis in the idea… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unicorn#Elasmotherium_or_rhinoceros

  2. YAY! Clare and Ruth in cahoots! Makes me grin from ear to ear! Love you ladies x

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