Crafters’ Ceilidh – I’m Exhausted!

What an amazing day on Saturday – lots of coffee and chat, an incredibly hilarious pattern/fabric swap (given the German Aesthetic jacket and the jumpsuit I’m clearly not the only person who has had moments of pattern blindness!) and a wonderful dinner at Voodoo Rooms. I didn’t manage the whole day – I skipped out on the fabric and yarn shopping in order to maintain a modicum of energy and social graces…although I’m fairly sure I failed on the latter!

We also got to hang out at the soon to be open Sewing Bee Café on Leith Walk and to meet Kal and hear about her amazing ideas for the place. Can’t wait until it is properly open and I can rent out their fancy quilting machine and learn some more skills.

It was really great to meet a lot of different people, especially people who had incredible creative skills – defiantly some good inspiration to get back into the sewing groove. I’ve let sewing take a bit of a back seat since the uber-quilt but I think I’m ready to get back into it and to challenge myself to more complicated things than my comfort zone of normal skirts and quilts. There was definitely a lot of good inspiration and advice for this at the crafters’ ceilidh – and I’m sure I’ll be stalking all the crafters’ ceilidh gals’ blogs for help too! There’s some great photos and round ups of the day on some of the lovely blogs on Debi’s, Kerry’s, Roobeedoo’s, Karen’s – thankfully I managed to avoid being in any of the pictures!

Thanks again to Debi, Kristen and Kerry for organising the day.


3 comments on “Crafters’ Ceilidh – I’m Exhausted!

  1. Glad you enjoyed it and have picked up some sewing inspiration too :)

  2. Glad we all met, lets hope we can chat more next time, xx

  3. It was SO LOVELY to meet you! I think we should set a date and meet-up for coffee/baked goods perhaps? I’d love to catch up more! It was such a fun day and the pattern swap was absolutely hilarious!

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