Camera Strap Covers

I’m still deciding on the next ‘big’ sewing project, but in the meantime I’m enjoying doing smaller projects, especially ones that are using up scraps.  Like this camera strap tutorial from LBG studio – I like it so much that I’ve made three so far!

This yellow and grey one was for Hannah Curio seeing as she is talking lots of long photographic walks…you can see the results here.

The colourful one is for A. of Snap and Stitch….my photographic expert! Her pics are amazing – she was the photographer for a friends wedding last year…someone in the photography biz really should take her on as an apprentice or an intern! I just need to get it to her…(shhhh!)


And finally, the pink, blue and green one is for me! I decided to make something for myself, as I’ve been ogling these colours for ages as I’ve been making things up for other people. It’s scraps from the quilts that I made last year…I ended up getting a bit jealous when I was giving out all these presents with lovely material – especially the clouds on my nephew’s quilt – so I thought I deserved a little camera strap for myself.


It’s a very good tutorial – well explained with helpful pictures. And the end result is great – I like that it’s a cover rather than a proper strap…I don’t trust my sewing skills enough to make something that will keep expensive camera equipment round someone’s neck rather than smashed on the ground. There’s also a wee pocket in the end for keeping the lens cap – very helpful as I’m perpetually leaving mine in the pocket of my apron! Here’s a very handsome man demonstrating how comfy it is to wear (sorry for the bad photo quality!)


3 comments on “Camera Strap Covers

  1. Hi! Thanks for sharing! These looks great…my fav is the one you made for yourself :)

  2. OOh, such a good idea! I may just have time to make these before I go. I do hate that Canon strap! So lovely to meet you on Saturday by the way!

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