Homemade London Fog Recipe


One of my favourite tea shops in Edinburgh, Tea Tree Tea, has recently closed. I’m quite sad about this because the two guys who ran it made a real effort to get to know customers and make it a friendly place, as well as serving great tea and delicious food. I also wrote most of my undergrad dissertation there, which says something for the place as I’m a stickler when in comes to a decent place to focus and write.

My favourite drink there was london fog, and in an attempt to recreate the same levels of focus I had as an undergraduate, I tried to make some at home today. Sadly, whilst it tasted great, it didn’t have the desire outcome and I have remained largely unproductive!

In other news, ink and teal are pretty much rocking my colour world right now. I just need to  translate the colour combo in the above picture into an outfit! Recipe after the jump.

London Fog Recipe


Earl Grey Teabags

Vanilla Sugar

Heat the amount of milk you need in a pan at a medium temperature. Once the milk is warm, add in the two teabags of earl grey and a teaspoon of vanilla sugar and stir gently. Let the tea brew for about five minutes, but make sure that the milk doesn’t boil. Once it has brewed and is hot, serve up into your favourite teacup.

To make vanilla sugar – take a vanilla pod, split it down the middle lengthwise, and open it up. Place the vanilla pod in a jam jar and fill the jar with caster sugar. Leave to infuse for a couple of days before using.


2 comments on “Homemade London Fog Recipe

  1. Thanks for this! I LOVED Tea Tree’s London Fog and their Frozen London Fog. I’m going to have to make this!

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