Baking Quirks

I love baking, but I know that I bake in a particular way that isn’t the same as everyone else. Here are my kitchen confessions.

 I love order and organisation– that’s my shelf in the kitchen with different flours and sugars and so on. However, I rarely have enough energy to maintain that kind of organisation.  I’m learning to live with the happy medium of the inspirational ideal and the realistic necessity. So the shelf…..it’s never that tidy.

I’m extraordinarily messy when I’m baking. Some people like to take ingredients out, and put them back when they are done, tidying as they go. Not me. Everything goes everywhere when I’m baking…except in the cupboard or the bin.

I cannot be doing with cups for measuring out ingredients. Give me nice, precise electronic scales, even for the recipes that I could bake blindfolded.

Due to the above, I know cups to grams conversions for most baking ingredients by heart. Which is probably the reason that I struggle to remember my pin number.


I bake in silence, no music, no radio, nothing. It’s a rare and slightly meditative joy to have silence whilst doing a practical task – I find it really refreshing.

I structure my day based on meals and snacks, and most of my memories are created around good meals that I’ve had in good company.

I’m a bit of a bakezilla – I don’t share the kitchen well. I’m happy to have help with preparing ingredients when cooking, but I really struggle with people being around when I’m baking something complicated. It’s a bit of a personal, sacred space for me.


I love the process of baking more than I love the end result. Let me bake something mad and complicated in a quiet kitchen one afternoon and I’ll be happy for weeks.

I often bake from colour rather than taste. I’m in a pink mood at the moment and pining for rhubarb or raspberries.

Other people enjoying my baking means more to me than getting to taste something myself. If I was a hermit, or was completely isolated and cut off from others, I wouldn’t cook or bake at all.


What are your kitchen confessions? Do you have particular quirks in the way you cook or bake? 


5 comments on “Baking Quirks

  1. I also hate sharing the kitchen, I get clumsy and snappy when other people are around… Nobody needs that. I also leave my dishes to pile up, major kitchen sin! And I like to sing. Not sure what my neighbours think of that.

  2. I’m the exact opposite when it comes to measuring. I always do everything freehand if I can get away with it. It always baffles me when people say they can’t cook. I mean, you measure the stuff and you do what it says, can’t go wrong. But to make stuff up as you go along, that’s a skill. Not one that I have neccessarily, mind! I’m like those people on masterchef who end up just bunging everything into a pan and call it a stew.

    I am also ridiculously messy when baking. I honestly don’t even try to keep things tidy any more, I just accept I am going to have to wipe down the whole kitchen when I’m finished.

    • Well I never measure anything when I’m cooking, and I rarely follow a recipe for that. But with baking, even if I’m making the whole thing up I like to know exactly how much flour, sugar etc there is in it. It means I can experiment more and see what gets the best results!

  3. Hmm I’m definitely a social baker–like you I enjoy the process as much as the end result. But scales–give me the vague and imprecise pinch of that and chunk of this and oh haven’t got this let’s try that. .. I thrive on sharing the kitchen and introducing novices to “cooking without fear”…results are not as good but the process and seeing someone’s eyes light up when they realise that yes they can cook and it doesn’t have to be perfect to be fun. (and besides it gives me a great excuse if it doesn’t work out…). To paraphrase “turning a bad cake into a learning experience…”
    That’s the great thing about baking and cooking, we all have our own path to Nirvana or baking heaven…

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