A Few Things…


One Hundred

I’ve hit 100 posts! Milestones, large or small deserve to be celebrated! Granted, most of those posts have probably happened in the last two months and it’s been a seriously patchy time since getting going, but it’s nice to know that despite the fluctuations in productivity, the blog has been here to come back to. […]

Black Forest Hot Chocolate Inspired: Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes

It’s always important to find the right way, and the right time to start feeling festive. Too early and I end up in the humbug window of wanting January to be here before I’ve unwrapped a single present. Too late and I’m far too unprepared for feeling jolly and miss out on all the fun. […]

Chai Latte Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream and Gingerbread Persons

So far this month, I’ve been doing the best to get you all into a lovely festive baking mood – mince pie variants, gingerbread houses, and wee treats to share with friends and family (in the hope that they might share some back!) I will admit happily that these are by no means seasonal fare […]

Since you’ve been gone – celebratory cakes and cool clocks

Well it isn’t really you…it has been me that’s been away from blogging. I provided a whole load of baking goodies for afternoon tea at a lovely wedding in Kent. Totally brilliant day, a laid-back, creative, joyful wedding that completely came out of the bride and grooms personality and their care for their family and […]

Baking in Colour: Coconut, Rhubarb, Mango and Strawberry Frozen Mousse Cake

Part of the joy of following along with month of marks has been the excuse to try out new techniques that I would normally consider way beyond my skill level. Like a coconut dacquoise and a pâte à bombe base for fruit mousse.  But really what I wanted to try out was baking from colour, not […]

Authenticity: Lady Grey and Earl Grey Cupcakes

The idea for these cupcakes came from the inspiration of the friend that I mentioned in Wednesday’s post – she loves earl grey and lady grey tea.  We had a great chat on Wednesday about what it is like trying to bring out the creativity in a community when you are an outsider. One of […]