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Conspirers and Inspirers


Cameo Curio – collective efforts of a group of friends to support and expand the arts community in Edinburgh. Events feature local artists, from fashion, digital, film, interactive, small press to baking and crafts.

Urban Monk

Mister David

A Practical Wedding 

Snap and Stich

Mr Chris Writes

Inspirers: Food

Smitten Kitchen is a pretty much the first blog I turn to when in need of a good recipe.

Cannelle et Vanille is a constant source of inspiration, featuring the kind of beautiful photography and food one can only dream of!

Ming Makes Cupcakes, and boy does she make good ones.

Une-deux senses.

The Geeky Chef. Recipes inspired by books, movies and video games.

Everybody Likes Sandwiches. It’s true, they do, but there’s other good things here too.

Pro Bono Baker 

Sugar Swings

What Katie Ate

Kiss My Spatula

Inspirers: sewing, quilting and other craft

All buttoned up. Inspiring in craft, sewing and attitudes to family.

Film in the Fridge 


Gertie’s Blog for Better Sewing

Idle Fancy

Lazy Stitching

My Happy Sewing Place

Kestrel Finds and Makes

Inspirers:  Thoughts and pics on self-image, feminism and life in general

Peonies and Polaroids. Beautiful, and good at making other people look and feel beautiful too.

Already Pretty 

The Beheld 

Dramatis Personae

Oranges and Apples

The Sartorial Nerd 

Feminist Fashion Bloggers

The Fatal Feminist

Miss Mary Max


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