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Month of Marks

Month of Marks (May 2012) was a project set up by Hannah and Tammy of Cameo Curio, which encouraged participants to build their creative muscles by taking time in May to focus on a particular skill, start a blog, keep a photo journal or just whatever would help them to focus on developing their sense of creativity and talents. The idea was that creativity isn’t just for artsy-types, but for people who tend to shy away from these things, who don’t think of themselves and having talent. In a sense, it was permission just to give it a go.



I took part and got a huge amount out of it, particularly learning about giving myself time and space to be inspired and re-charged, not just trying to be a constant ideas factory. I tried to get better at photography, I learnt how to bake from a colour palette or a blank page rather than just a recipe, and I learnt that in order to make good food, I need to enjoy it too! I also finally got round to sewing clothes and to making quilts.I charted most of my exploits on this blog, and here’s the round up of posts from the month in chronological order.

*Photo by David Anderson of dnanderson photography. That’s my wee apocalypse bakery at the Cameo Curio launch event.

Introduction: May is the Month of Marks

Mr Skinflint Parsimonious’ Generous Gin Cupcakes

Savouring Inspiration

On Process Part I

Blank Page Baking: Sun Dried Tomato Bread

Guilty Inspiration

Re-finding the Passion

Breakfast Ramblings

Looking Beyond Myself


Authenticity: Lady Grey and Earl Grey Cupcakes

Baking in Colour: Coconut, Rhubarb, Mango and Strawberry Frozen Mousse Cake


Creative Crush: The Makers

Reviewing Month of Marks




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