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Cranberry, Orange and Almond Biscotti

I had a recent dream in which I discovered the plans of a mad scientist to set off a bomb under the earth’s crust with the intention of throwing the earth from its axis, and only those who had purchased his home survival systems would be able to live.  I had to trek through China […]

Baking for Technophobes No.2: The Bomb Shelter Brownie

When faced with impending doom scenarios, stockpiling is the quintessential survival practice; whether it be biological quarantine or a West Wing marathon, you had better be prepared. Whilst sensible people/ complete nutters might think about bottled water, tinned food, matches and blankets, in my slightly unrealistic practicality, I would probably choose to stockpile the ingredients […]

Dealing with Dietary Doom

S., chauffer, tester, and life-long supporter of the Apocalypse Bakery (pretty much the gist of the wedding vows) has just discovered that he might be lactose-intolerant. Whilst there is still hope that he may come round to a more liberal and broadminded approach to lactose, cutting out dairy items seems to have made a big […]

How rude!

Three posts in and I haven’t introduced myself yet. Well, where are my manners! Hello. Nice to meet you. (Do you come here often?!) **This is also in the updated About Apocalypse Bakery section.** About me I live in a cosy wee Edinburgh flat, which I share (permanently) with my man and our books, and […]

The Zombie-Proof Cupcake & recipe trials

I will admit it. I have returned to this recipe again and again not because of its taste (though excellent), its texture (needs improvement), nor even that freshly baked smell they waft throughout the house (simply glorious). It is because it is the quickest, easiest way to achieve cupcakes. The weights and measures are simple, […]