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One Hundred

I’ve hit 100 posts! Milestones, large or small deserve to be celebrated! Granted, most of those posts have probably happened in the last two months and it’s been a seriously patchy time since getting going, but it’s nice to know that despite the fluctuations in productivity, the blog has been here to come back to. […]

Gingerbread Feminists is GO!

Today I’m finally able to make that little announcement that I mentioned in my creative resolutions post, and I’m very excited  for getting to work on a project that will hopefully help me get to grips with writing more about the things that I care about. So, I’m proud to announce the launch of Gingerbread […]

Welcome to 2012

Hello and welcome to twenty twelve. I’ve had a bit of fun giving the blog a bit of a makeover in the past week so that it is all happy and shiny for twenty twelve – I hope you like the changes, including the new pages on books, as well as a properly updated recipe […]