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One Hundred

I’ve hit 100 posts! Milestones, large or small deserve to be celebrated! Granted, most of those posts have probably happened in the last two months and it’s been a seriously patchy time since getting going, but it’s nice to know that despite the fluctuations in productivity, the blog has been here to come back to. […]

Guest Post: Magic Baking’s Mango and Banana Cake

Hello! Today we have a guest post from Magic Baking. He’s pretty new to the baking-blogosphere, but I’m already drooling over the cakes! So, without any further ado…   Here is a recipe that my friend Krippa gave me. Everyone I tell about this cake is always confused by the addition of the mango, or […]

I don’t like it, but that’s because I’m a child: Whole orange cake with natural yoghurt topping

There’s always those flavours that you need to grow into, those ‘acquired tastes’ that show the mark of gaining a more sophisticated palate. For a lot of people, it’s things like good whisky, olives and dark chocolate that mark their ascent into a more mature appetite. For me, it’s oranges. I could never eat oranges […]

Sundays Your Way: Coffee and Ginger Cake

An Apocalypse Bakery reader emailed in this week saying ‘I have far too much fresh ginger and I don’t know what to do with it. Please help.’ Dear reader, you are in luck. I have had this recipe for coffee and ginger cake sitting in my bookmark bar since May, and I have not yet […]