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Chocolate Cherry Scones

Since the scone challenge for Daring Bakers a couple of weeks ago, scones have become a bit of a go-to bake for me. When I’m feeling like playing with flavours, rather than wondering how they’d go in a cake or cookie, I’ve started thinking about how to make them work in a scone. I wanted […]

Black Forest Hot Chocolate Inspired: Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes

It’s always important to find the right way, and the right time to start feeling festive. Too early and I end up in the humbug window of wanting January to be here before I’ve unwrapped a single present. Too late and I’m far too unprepared for feeling jolly and miss out on all the fun. […]

Foodie gifts no. 1: Gingerbread Truffles

Homemade gifts seem to have received much more coverage by the mainstream media in the past couple of years. There does still seem to be confused option though about homemade gifts: the handmade gift giver is seen to be either smug and ocd about giving the perfectly made gift, or they are cheapskate and willing […]

Baking for Technophobes No.2: The Bomb Shelter Brownie

When faced with impending doom scenarios, stockpiling is the quintessential survival practice; whether it be biological quarantine or a West Wing marathon, you had better be prepared. Whilst sensible people/ complete nutters might think about bottled water, tinned food, matches and blankets, in my slightly unrealistic practicality, I would probably choose to stockpile the ingredients […]

Crime Drama Cravings – Totally Chocolate Cookies

Crime Drama Cravings – Totally Chocolate Cookies

Most weekends, my sister-in-law F will come over and spend an evening with us. Typically, we make some dinner, bake and veg out in front of some sci-fi or crime drama. We have watched our way through Numbers, Law and Order UK, Battlestar Galactica, Chuck, Doctor Who and the Mentalist this way. Last night’s viewing was the season finale of the second season of the Mentalist, and the beginning of Life on Mars, as kindly lent to us on box set by Mr L.

Somewhere between Life on Mars episodes, F and I realised we had made the mistake of browsing food blogs. Maybe you are unaware of this phenomenon, but the combination of crime/sci-fi TV and food blogs leaves you with an overwhelming desire for sugary food. There was nothing for it, we had to make cookies. Enter Nigella, ready to arrest our cravings with the Totally Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie. (Recipe below.)