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Talented Friends: The International Amateur Drawing Brigade

  You should head on over to The International Amateur Drawing Brigade and check out some of Ruth’s adorable drawings. I’m a big fan of her illustrative style, as well as of the wonderful gal herself. (She’s an annoyingly good photographer too!) I’m rather fond of this transatlantic guide to the cookie-biscuit spectrum, which is […]

Beating ‘Blue Monday’: Getting Past Creative Inertia

In the next couple of weeks, the newspapers and websites will be running articles about how it’s Blue Monday – the most depressing day of the year. There’s a kind of formula to it – about the relationship between the time since Christmas, the weather, debt levels, motivational levels and the time since we have […]

Creative Resolutions: Permission and Responsibility for 2012

I can’t pretend that I don’t like discussions about New Year’s Resolutions; it’s about the only time of year where my love of reflection and self-analysis chimes in with what the rest of our culture seems to be talking about.  I love that it is a space to reflect on the world as it is […]

Quilts and Cider Club 2011

At university H. (of Cameo Curio) and I formed a club borne of our shared loves – the quilts and cider club. It was a truly wonderful club that, as the founders, we excelled in. Well, alright then – we excelled at the cider part. To be fair, we talked about the kinds of quilts […]

On Process Part I

One of the ongoing conversations that I love having with people who are out-and-out artsy types is the value of process and how meaning is created in the practice of writing/painting/sculpting and not just in evaluating the end product. Back at Cameo Curio I asked Hannah, who was exhibiting some of her beautiful works, which […]