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Since you’ve been gone – celebratory cakes and cool clocks

Well it isn’t really you…it has been me that’s been away from blogging. I provided a whole load of baking goodies for afternoon tea at a lovely wedding in Kent. Totally brilliant day, a laid-back, creative, joyful wedding that completely came out of the bride and grooms personality and their care for their family and […]

Re-finding the passion

To be honest, this whole Month of Marks thing has been harder than I thought. At the start, I thought I would relish the challenge of being creative everyday and getting round to doing all the baking and writing that I have been thinking about for ages. Whilst this is to some extent true, the […]

Mr Skinflint Parsimonious’ Generous Gin Cupcakes

Bah Humbug….. …for you and also some toffees! Money! Who wants some money? Have a sixpence…no dash it have a guinea, five guineas…and gin. All must have gin. Now who wants this miniature horse? These are the words with which Mr Skinflint Parsimonious – ironically the most generous of men – is introduced in the […]

Playing Catch Up Part 2: Boston Cream Pie Cupcake

When I was last in town, I made a passing remark to H. about a sign we saw in the window of a teashop. She then went away and made this for me, and by made I mean beautifully hand embroidered. Check out the detail – it’s gorgeous. I’d be jealous of her talent, but […]

Playing Catch Up Part 1: Vanilla Cupcake Trials

It’s the first of September – how did that happen? As I am now encountering that permanently-fighting-off-the-flu state of health, I think this means that the season has officially changed. Anyway, I promised you all a few things, and as it is the first of the month, I thought I should probably play catch up […]

Restoring your faith in humanity – the Lemon Meringue Cupcake…..OR when life gives you lemons, have your friends over and bake

Let’s face it kids, lots of bad things happen in life.  You may feel ignored and downtrodden, hurt and betrayed by the way people act. You may feel disquiet at political powers amassing the means to annihilate each other, or dismayed by the crazy scientist manically threatening Slough with a new ice age. You may […]

A glimpse of the future

The Boston Cream Pie Cupcake. Seeing as there has been some feedback chat – both online and in my kitchen – that boston cream pie cupcakes are the delicacy of choice, I thought I would give you a wee glimpse of them. Plus, I had been dreaming about making these for ages, so it was […]