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Feminist Cred

Originally published on GBF. **************************** I’ve never really understood street cred, probably because it’s not about understanding but more about having…and I’ve certainly never had any. Or any kind of cred for that matter, probably because I worry so much about fitting in and being accepted that I’m just left standing there with my mouth […]

Body Image: Tolerations and Myths

Today is my first post over on Gingerbread Feminists, all about body image. I’ve decided to post it here as well because a) it’s my blog and I can shamelessly self-promote if I so choose and b) this post is a bit of a milestone for me in being able to write about things other […]

Gingerbread Feminists is GO!

Today I’m finally able to make that little announcement that I mentioned in my creative resolutions post, and I’m very excited  for getting to work on a project that will hopefully help me get to grips with writing more about the things that I care about. So, I’m proud to announce the launch of Gingerbread […]