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Sunshine: Rhubarb and Passion Fruit Pudding

  I’ve been in a good mood all weekend, grooving about the house…singing out some soul…smiling at strangers….and I think this pudding is the main culprit. Honestly, this baby is like eating pure sunshine. The tang of the rhubarb, against the burst of vibrant passion fruit in a light, airy sponge…it cannot help but put […]


    I really didn’t mean to make these today. I got out the flour, and the soya spread and all that with the intention of making a nice big, luxurious cake for discussion group tomorrow night. And then I sort of let my mind wander off and I was halfway through cutting out the […]

Chocolate Cherry Scones

Since the scone challenge for Daring Bakers a couple of weeks ago, scones have become a bit of a go-to bake for me. When I’m feeling like playing with flavours, rather than wondering how they’d go in a cake or cookie, I’ve started thinking about how to make them work in a scone. I wanted […]

Winter Warmer: White Hot Chocolate

  There’s been a bit of a cold snap here recently – which has made for beautiful views of early morning rays of sun on frozen white branches on my commute to work. However, it has also made for very chilly toes and fingers, especially after the realisation that my winter wear won’t hold together […]

Lemony-Garlic Chicken and Chickpea Wrap

  Lunch is probably the meal that I overlook the most, but I’ve been trying to up my game recently, especially when I’m taking a packed lunch to work. I need that midday pick me up to look forward to, and something healthy that’s not going to make me feel sluggish for an afternoon in […]

Daring Bakers January 2012: Scones

When I first read that this month’s Daring Baker’s challenge was scones, I was a little confused. I normally feel like Daring Bakers is about techniques and baking that I’ve never made, and occasionally never heard of – and so scones…well it seemed a little a little pedestrian for the challenge. Yet, the more I […]

Butternut Squash, Sage and Ricotta Cannelloni

The first time I made this cannelloni was for a family gathering back in the autumn, specifically for a veggie family member. Although veggie and omnivorous family alike raved about it, it didn’t quite hit the spot for me. So I decided to play a little bit with the combinations: leeks rather than onions; sage […]