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Crafters’ Ceilidh – I’m Exhausted!

What an amazing day on Saturday – lots of coffee and chat, an incredibly hilarious pattern/fabric swap (given the German Aesthetic jacket and the jumpsuit I’m clearly not the only person who has had moments of pattern blindness!) and a wonderful dinner at Voodoo Rooms. I didn’t manage the whole day – I skipped out […]

Talented Friends: The International Amateur Drawing Brigade

  You should head on over to The International Amateur Drawing Brigade and check out some of Ruth’s adorable drawings. I’m a big fan of her illustrative style, as well as of the wonderful gal herself. (She’s an annoyingly good photographer too!) I’m rather fond of this transatlantic guide to the cookie-biscuit spectrum, which is […]

Restoring your faith in humanity – the Lemon Meringue Cupcake…..OR when life gives you lemons, have your friends over and bake

Let’s face it kids, lots of bad things happen in life.  You may feel ignored and downtrodden, hurt and betrayed by the way people act. You may feel disquiet at political powers amassing the means to annihilate each other, or dismayed by the crazy scientist manically threatening Slough with a new ice age. You may […]