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Re-finding the passion

To be honest, this whole Month of Marks thing has been harder than I thought. At the start, I thought I would relish the challenge of being creative everyday and getting round to doing all the baking and writing that I have been thinking about for ages. Whilst this is to some extent true, the […]

On Process Part I

One of the ongoing conversations that I love having with people who are out-and-out artsy types is the value of process and how meaning is created in the practice of writing/painting/sculpting and not just in evaluating the end product. Back at Cameo Curio I asked Hannah, who was exhibiting some of her beautiful works, which […]

Month of Marks: Focusing On and Savouring Inspiration

When it comes to being inspired, one of the things that I am most guilty of is skimming. I’m that girl in an art gallery who stops only for a moment, tilts her head to one side and moves on. I’m the reader who zooms through a book as fast as possible, pages in a […]

Mr Skinflint Parsimonious’ Generous Gin Cupcakes

Bah Humbug….. …for you and also some toffees! Money! Who wants some money? Have a sixpence…no dash it have a guinea, five guineas…and gin. All must have gin. Now who wants this miniature horse? These are the words with which Mr Skinflint Parsimonious – ironically the most generous of men – is introduced in the […]