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Creative Resolutions: Permission and Responsibility for 2012

I can’t pretend that I don’t like discussions about New Year’s Resolutions; it’s about the only time of year where my love of reflection and self-analysis chimes in with what the rest of our culture seems to be talking about.  I love that it is a space to reflect on the world as it is […]

Quiet Celebrations

I will admit this – I’m terrible at parties, so the New Year pressure for a ‘big night’ tends not to be my thing. And you know what, I make no apologies. I had a brilliant time this year/last year. New Year’s Eve was mostly spent wondering around my favourite place in Edinburgh – the […]

Welcome to 2012

Hello and welcome to twenty twelve. I’ve had a bit of fun giving the blog a bit of a makeover in the past week so that it is all happy and shiny for twenty twelve – I hope you like the changes, including the new pages on books, as well as a properly updated recipe […]