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Sunshine: Rhubarb and Passion Fruit Pudding

  I’ve been in a good mood all weekend, grooving about the house…singing out some soul…smiling at strangers….and I think this pudding is the main culprit. Honestly, this baby is like eating pure sunshine. The tang of the rhubarb, against the burst of vibrant passion fruit in a light, airy sponge…it cannot help but put […]

Crème brûlée and Ginger Rhubarb Compote

Seeing as my posts have been very wordy recently, I thought I’d return to something simple, something that speaks for itself: crème brûlée with ginger rhubarb compote.   I love cracking into the caramelized sugar top, almost as much as I love the creamy rich vanilla brûlée mixed with the gingered, tangy rhubarb. Recipe after […]

Baking in Colour: Coconut, Rhubarb, Mango and Strawberry Frozen Mousse Cake

Part of the joy of following along with month of marks has been the excuse to try out new techniques that I would normally consider way beyond my skill level. Like a coconut dacquoise and a pâte à bombe base for fruit mousse.  But really what I wanted to try out was baking from colour, not […]