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The Unread Alphabet G-H: Classics and Cultural Consciousness

Reading classics often means that you will be encountering cultural baggage, especially when the characters, phrases or tropes in the book have settled into the public consciousness no matter how many people have actually read them. Sometimes you’ll know a key concept before delving into the exploration: ‘four legs good, two legs bad!’ Or you may […]

Worthy vs Enjoyable: The Unread Alphabet D-E-F

I’ve had, or heard, a lot of debates in recent weeks about the place of chick lit and lad lit. There has apparently been a rise in the purchasing of chick lit on the kindle, with the current theory being that because other people can’t see what you are reading on a kindle you won’t […]

The Unread Alphabet: Returning to my first love

*Isaac Salazar’s beautiful books of art. One of the best things about 2011 for me has been rediscovering my love of fiction. You see, I read omnivorously and vociferously as a child, often pestering loved ones by asking for more or re-telling them the stories that I had just read. Fiction has always been a […]